spiral pipe is formed in the conventional mode, by means of the three roller bending process but is provisionally continuously full penetration welded.

Once the pipe has been formed and will then be welded internally and externally by Submerge Arc Welding, it is cut off after required pipe length is achieve.

The pipe produced on this Conventional Spiral Weld Pipe Mill is in accordance with the API Specification 5L and for water pipes according to AWWA standards.

Production Pipe Range for Conventional Spiral Pipe Mill from Diameter 609mm (24”) to Diameter 2540mm (100”) and wall thickness from 6mm (7/32”) to 24.5mm (1”).

Production Capacity for Conventional Spiral Pipe Mill is 60,000 – 80,000 tones per annual on 3 shift operation.
(Pipe size under consideration OD: 56” x 16mm wall thickness)
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