After spiral pipe forming and continues tack welding in spiral pipe mill, the pipe is transferred to Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Station, where the tack-welded pipe seam is permanently welded using the multi-wire submerged-arc welding process.

This Submerges Arc Welding Station has been developed by Byard Spiral Mill Sdn. Bhd., with the implementation of modern process technologies such as Laser Seam Tracking system.  

For offline spiral production speed, three sets of offline sub-merge arc welding station are required to service the Off Line Spiral Mill to reach a production of 200,000ton/yr (Subject to the perimeter of pipes sizes).
Specification of Pipe Product
  • Pipe Diameter 

610mm ~ 2032mm (API pipe)
610mm ~ 2540mm (water pipe)
  • Wall Thickness 
6mm ~ 25.4mm
(Dependent upon pipe diameter)
  • Pipe Length
8m ~ 13 m
  • Pipe Quality

up to API 5L X70
According to API 5L Spec.
Edition Jan 2000 

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